Donít Let Anyone Know

A Story About Mental Illness - The World Viewed Only the Silhouette!

by Helen Cochran Coffey

Don’t Let Anyone Know is a story about Heather, a brilliant, beautiful, and loving young mother and professional.  She adored and was adored by her two daughters, Aubrey and Alyssa.  On the outside she had it all.  On the inside loomed a debilitating darkness!  She was a victim of undiagnosed and untreated borderline personality disorder, and the illness controlled her life.  Her story conveys the chaos that overwhelms the mental health care system today and the devastation and heartbreak that overwhelm victims of mental illness and their families.

Don’t Let Anyone Know was written for the eighteen million Americans who know the pain of living with borderline personality disorder.

Heather was no ordinary woman.
Borderline personality disorder is no ordinary illness.

Tragedy morphs into advocacy.
Could Heather’s mental illness have been treated?

Could Heather’s suicide have been prevented?